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The Team

We are a fellowship of believers who are dedicated to spreading the Word of God from a Jewish perspective. We have no buildings, no salary, and ask for no donations. Our ministry team consists of nine members, each using their own giftedness: Antonietta and Doug are our English proofreaders/editors; Cesar is our tech expert; Silvio and his wife Monica are working on the Spanish translation of Genesis right now. Michael is starting on a German translation of Revelation. Josh updates our App. Gary is our graphic artist, and I am the human author. My wife Beth Mack is learning the website software. Our oldest son David Mack is working with google analytics so that we can get more accurate data on pages views, cities and countries viewing our site. And our youngest son Brian Mack is creating a new icon for our app for Android and Apple to attract a larger range of audience. Jay has an MDiv Degree from Bethel Seminary in San Diego, California. I am 69 and a retired high school history teacher and football coach. My wife Beth and I have been married for 32 years.

Current Developments

We are adding to our Spanish Genesis files on line. We are very excited to get our German home page going. Please, make sure to visit our Updates page for the latest additions and changes to the website. Please visit the Testimonials page, they are coming in from all over the world and are very encouraging. The Life of Christ, a harmony of the Gospels, has recently been completed and is online with the corresponding pdf files. Jay has been invited to speak at Kehilat Bet Avinu Messianic Congregation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on the book of Revelation at a future date. We are updating our Facebook link on our homepage. Right now our app is only on Android Google PlayStation, but we are looking to add Apple-I-Tunes for our app as soon as we can. Jay and Beth will be traveling to Birmingham, Alabama on October 13th and 14th to an ACSI Professional Development Forum to promote the website and hand out business cards. Jay has started constructing the files and copying the text for Jeremiah. He should start writing in earnest in about two months. Right now he is working on a lot of technology stuff for the site.

The Website

Our server, GoDaddy, used to have a fantastic analytics feature, but they discontinued it. When Google Analytics stated in was very confusing and I stopped using it. So our numbers were merely projections. My oldest son David is going to be working now with Google Analytics and we will be able to ascertain more exact data. But we have consistently been in 120-125 countries per week for many years. We have a Spanish home page and are working on a German home page.

We have some needs in the technical/language and translation areas. Please see our FAQ page for more information.

Plans, Prayers & Hopes

We would like for you to pray for our team as we minister in God’s Word. The Enemy of sous is still very active. Please pray for improved health for Cesar’s mother and the funds so he can assist her in Poland.

Please pray for Silvio and Monica as they take care of Monica’s mother who is living with them now. Please pray that she could return to normal mobility. Pray for Silvio as he studies to become a teacher. Also pray the formation of their grandchildren would always be according to the Word of God: Oren para que la formación de mis nietos siempre sea según la Palabra de Dios.

Please pray for Antonietta that Christ would be first in her life. That He would be on the throne of her heart.

Please pray for Josh to find full time employment, and it would be nice if it were near home because of their baby girl. Also pray for his wife Dawn in her studies.

Please pray for the church Gary and his wife Georgia as they start a church in Belize. Their ministry continues to be in transition. Please pray that God would give them direction regarding the focus of their ministry – specifically if they should continue to minister in two locations, Hillview and San Ignacio, or if they should consolidate. They also need prayer regarding the renewal of their work permits and application for residency in Belize.

Please pray for Doug and his wife Alice that the Lord would intervene in the life of their son and provide the desire to stop drinking. He has an alcohol addiction and he isn’t interested in quitting. It has been getting worse over the last few years. His name is Chris. Also pray for Alice, she is improving from her back surgery, but is still on pain medication. So the prayer would be that the pain would reduce so that she can stop with the pain meds.

Please pray for Michael’s aunts and grandmother. They have some health problems that I hope they can overcome. Also pray for his best friend that hasn’t found the Lord yet. Michael hopes that God can fill his heart with His love and change him inside.

Please pray for Jay and Beth and their transition to their new home in Nashville, Tennessee. In addition, please pray for a merciful death for Beth’s mom Mary. She just turned 95 and after a series of strokes the muscles in her neck are not working and she can’t swallow very well. Please pray for Beth guide her to find the right ministry in our new church. Please pray that God would continue to meet our son Brian’s needs, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Finally, please pray for Jay as he writes the book of Jeremiah, that the Holy Spirit would provide insight into the Scriptures and application that the readers can apply to their lives as he writes.

Jay Mack, MDiv


Updated 2016-04

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