The Outline of the Book of Jude

from a Jewish Perspective

Jude, a Bond-Slave of Jesus Christ - Jude 1-2 (Ae)

I. The Danger of Apostates Jude 3-4 (Af)

A. Contend Earnestly for the Faith - Jude 3 and Second Peter 1:5-7 (Ag)

B. Godless People Have Secretly Slipped In Among You – Jude 4; 2 Pet 2:1 and 3b (Ah)

II. The Doom of Apostates Jude 5-7 (Ai)

A. The LORD Delivered His People Out of Egypt – Jude 5 and First Cor 10:5-11 (Aj)

B. The Angels Did Not Keep Their Positions of Authority – Jude 6 and 2 Peter 2:4 (Ak)

C. They Give Themselves to Sexual Immorality – Jude 7 and Second Peter 2:6 (Al)

III. The Description of Apostates Jude 8-16 (Am)

A. These Dreamers Pollute Their Own Bodies – Jude 8 and Second Peter 2:10 (An)

B. Michael Disputed with the Devil – Jude 9 and 2 Peter 2:11 (Ao)

C. These People Speak Abusively – Jude 10 and Peter 2:12 (Ap)

D. They Have Taken the Way of Cain and Rushed into Balaam’s Error – Jude 11 (Aq)

E. These People are Hidden Rocks – Jude 12a-c and Second Peter 2:13 and 17a (Ar)

F. They are Autumn Trees without Fruit – Jude 12d-e and 13; Second Peter 2:17b (As)

G. Enoch also Prophesied about These People – Jude 14-15 (At)

H. These People are Grumblers and Faultfinders – Jude 16 and Second Peter 2:18 (Au)

IV. The Defense Against Apostates Jude 17-23 (Av)

A. There Will Be Scoffers – Jude 17-18 and Second Peter 3:2-3 (Aw)

B. These are People Who Divide You – Jude 19 and First Corinthians 2:14 (Ax)

C. Build Yourselves Up In Your Most Holy Faith – Jude 20-21 (Ay)

D. Be Merciful to Those Who Doubt and Snatch Others from the Fire – Jude 22-23 (Az)

The Concluding Blessing - Jude 24-25 (Ba)

A. To Him Who is Able to Keep You from Stumbling – Jude 24 (Bb)

B. To the Only God our Savior are Glory, Majesty, Power and Authority – Jude 25 (Bc)


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