Esther - Where life and the Bible meet - By Jay Mack

Esther, Where Life and the Bible Meet

-- Table of Contents --

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Aa Aa   Esther, Where Life and the Bible Meet . . .
Ab Ab   The Outline of the Book of Esther - From a Jewish Perspective
Ac Ac   The Book of Esther - From a Jewish Perspective
Ad Ad   The Historical Accuracy of Esther
Ae Ae   The Place of Esther in the Canon of Scripture
Af Af   Ancient Storytelling and the Book of Esther
Ag Ag   Literary Themes in Esther
Ah Ah   The Theology of the Book of Esther
Ai Ai   Esther Placed in a Position of Prominence
Aj Aj   Queen Vashti Deposed by King Ahasuerus - ch 1 verse 1-22
Ak Ak   The King Gave a Grand Banquet in Susa, and Displayed the Vast Wealth of His Kingdom - ch 1 verse 1-9
Al Al   When Queen Vashti Refused to Come, The King Became Furious and Burned with Anger -
ch 1 verse 10-22
Am Am   Esther Elevated to Queen - ch 2 verse 1-20
An An   Esther Was Taken to the King's Palace and
Entrusted to Hegai, Who Had Charge of the Harem - ch 2 verses 1-11
Ao Ao   Now the King was Attracted to Esther More Than Any of the Other Women -
ch 2 verses 12-20
Ap Ap   Haman Plots to Destroy the Jews
Aq Aq   Haman the Agagite: Enemy of the Jews - Deuteronomy ch 25 verses 17-19
Ar Ar   Mordecai Uncovers a Plot to Kill King Ahasuerus - ch 2 verse 21 to ch 3 verse 6
As As   But Mordecai Found Out About the Plot and Told Esther, Who Reported It to the King - ch 2 verses 21-23
At At   Haman was Honored More than all the Other Nobles,
But Mordecai would not Kneel Down or Pay Him Honor - ch 3 verses 1-6
Au Au   Haman's Plan to Annihilate All the Jews - ch 3 verses 7-15
Av Av   The Lot Fell on the Twelfth Month, the Month of Adar, in the Presence of Haman -
ch 3 verses 7-9
Aw Aw   The King Gave His Signet Ring to Haman - ch 3 verses 10-11
Ax Ax   Kill all the Jews on a Single Day, the Thirteenth Day, the Twelfth Month of Adar -
ch 3 verses 12-15
Ay Ay   Mordecai Put On Sackcloth and Ashes - ch 4 verses 1-3
Az Az   Calamity Averted by Esther - ch 4 verse 4 to ch 9 verse 19
Ba Ba   I Will Go the the King: If I Perish, I Perish - ch 4 verses 4-17
Bb Bb   The Plot Exposed by Esther - ch 5 verse 1 to ch 7 verse 10
Bc Bc   Let the King and Haman Come Tomorrow to the Banquet I Will Prepare for Them -
ch 5 verses 1-8
Bd Bd   Haman's Rage Against Mordecai - ch 5 verses 9-14
Be Be   That Night the King Could Not Sleep - ch 6 verses 1-14
Bf Bf   So They Impaled Haman on the Pole He Had Set Up for Mordecai - ch 7 verses 1-10
Bg Bg   The Jews Were Delivered from Haman's Evil Plot - ch 8 verse 1 to ch 9 verse 19
Bh Bh   The King Gave His Signet Ring to Mordecai - ch 8 verses 1-2
Bi Bi   Now Write a Counter-Decree in the King's Name on Behalf of the Jews -
ch 8 verses 3-14
Bj Bj   The Jews Rejoiced - ch 8 verses 15-17
Bk Bk   The Triumph of the Jews - ch 9 verses 1-19
Bl Bl   The Fear of Mordecai Seized Them - ch 9 verses 1-4
Bm Bm   The Jews Struck Down All Their Enemies with the Sword, Killing and Destroying Them - ch 9 verses 5-19
Bn Bn   The Feast of Purim
Bo Bo   The Names of the Feast
Bp Bp   The Five Step Process to Confirm the Feast of Purim - ch 9 verses 20-32
Bq Bq   Mordecai Told Them to Celebrate Annually the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Days of Adar - ch 9 verses 20-22
Br Br   So the Jews Agreed to Continue the Celebration They Had Begun - ch 9 verses 23-25
Bs Bs   Therefore These Days Were Called Purim, From the Word Pur - ch 9 verse 26a
Bt Bt   These Days of Purim Should Never Cease to be Celebrated by the Jews -
ch 9 verses 26b-28
Bu Bu   Queen Esther and Mordecai Wrote a Second Letter to Confirm the Feast of Purim -
ch 9 verses 29-32
Bv Bv   The Feast of Purim in Judaism
Bw Bw   The Fast of Esther
Bx Bx   The Seven Jewish Traditions of Purim
By By   The Susa Purim
Bz Bz   Other Purim Customs
Ca Ca   Purim Pranks
Cb Cb   Purim Plays
Cc Cc   Purim Parodies
Cd Cd   Special Purims
Ce Ce   The Messianic Implications of Esther
Cf Cf   The Greatness of Mordecai - ch 10 verses 1-3
Cg Cg   End Notes
Ch Ch   Bibliography

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