The Triumph of the Jews

9: 1-19

Esther was brought to the king’s court for such a time as this (4:14). The purpose in her grooming was so that the Jews would not be destroyed by Haman’s evil plot. Even with Haman dead, however, the edict was still in effect. Esther’s plan worked. The Jews defended themselves against the enemies and preserved their communities. The result was the celebration of Purim, a feast commemorating their deliverance from Haman.102

Only in the last two chapters does the author reveal the reasons for some of the things he had only hinted at earlier, and bring out his underlying purposes for writing Esther. As a result, these chapters are important for the appreciation of the book’s intentions and its part in the canon of Scripture. And last, but certainly not least, these two chapters work out the conclusion of the plot, therefore, completing the story.


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