The Lack of Chronological Arrangement

Unlike Ezekiel, whose prophecies are arranged in chronological order, Jeremiah has no chronological progression. In fact, many of Yirmeyahu’s prophecies that are placed together are actually years apart. He compiled his prophecies in stages. For example, many of Jeremiah’s prophecies against the Gentile nations were written early in his ministry (25:1, 13-14). Yet the content of these prophecies is recorded near the end of the book (46:1 to 49:33). One must look for some other way to arrange the book so the reader is not jumping around trying to make sense of it all. Accordingly, I have taken a historical approach to the organization of the book:

Josiah Ruled For 31 Years from 640 to 609 BC

Jehoahaz Ruled For 3 Months in 609 BC

Jehoiakim Ruled For 11 Years from 609 to 598 BC

Jehoiachin Ruled For 3 Months in 598 BC

Zedekiah Ruled For 11 Years from 597 to 586 BC

Gedaliah Ruled For 3 Months in 586 BC

ADONAI was in control the whole way!


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