The Choice of Repentance or Judgment

3:6 to 6:30

During the reign of Josiah

There are two tension points in Jeremiah’s prophecy concerning Judah. The first is God’s near historical righteous judgment upon Y’hudah for her spiritual adultery by seventy years of Babylonian Exile (see Gt – Seventy Years of Imperial Babylonian Rule). The second is ADONAI’s far eschatological restoration of Judah in the messianic Kingdom (see the commentary on Isaiah Kp – My Chosen People Will Inherit My Mountains). These two tension points are beautifully seen in Hosea 11:7 and Hosea 14:4.

Near historical: Hosea 11:7 CJB: My people are hanging in suspense about returning (from shuwb) to Me; and though they call upwards, nobody makes a move.

Near historical: Hosea 11:7 paraphrased: Since His people continue to be impaled as if crucified upon a stake (Greek: epikremamenos) and cannot get loose – going out from the dwelling place of living for YHVHGod shall become angry with His precious and costly things. None at all exalt Him.

The southern kingdom of Y’hudah was committing spiritual adultery in the sense that she was no longer dwelling or inhabiting where ADONAI lived, and as a result, had no relationship with Him but chose to pursue after other gods.

Far eschatological: Hosea 14:4 CJB: I will heal their disloyalty; I will love them freely; for My anger has turned from [her].

Far eschatological: Hosea 14:4 paraphrased: I will restore her dwelling place of living for God and heal her apostasy; I will love her freely, for My anger has turned away (from shuwb) from her.

The LORD promises to heal her apostasy, in other words, all the hurt and pain that her spiritual adultery caused Him, and to love her with perfect spontaneity since His anger had been turned away from her.

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