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3:6 to 4:2

During the reign of Josiah

These verses switch back and forth between Josiah’s day (3:21-3:22a) to the far eschatological pleadingof the believing remnant at the end of the Great Tribulation before the Second Coming (3:22b-4:2), and back to Josiah’s day to avoid the wrath of a holy God. This is a common literary device in both Jeremiah and Isaiah.

ADONAI promised punishment to the people if they didn’t repent (shuwb). Does YHVH punish believers today for their sins? Explain. Have you ever felt like Ha’Shem was punishing you for sinning? If so, what made you feel that way? If it wasn’t truly punishment from God, what might ADONAI have been doing when you thought He was punishing you?

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