Jerusalem Under Siege

6: 1-30

During the reign of Josiah

The certainty of Yerushalayim’s fall before the onslaught of the enemy is now declared. Jeremiah gives a near historical future prophecy showing an invading army being on their doorstep, and they will not be turned back. The people’s only hope is to run from the City. Disaster could still be avoided. This prophecy is prior to any of Nebuchadnezzar’s invasions from the north. However, this section does convey the impression that the doom about which Yirmeyahu had prophesied was not that far away. Would Y’hudah listen? Or obey?

This chapter opens with a vivid poem describing the coming of the foe from the north. The prophet calls for the people to desert Tziyon (Be - Flee for Safety People of Benjamin). Then a dialogue between Jeremiah and God takes place in the context of Judah’s national complacency. And a clear statement is made that elaborate rituals are no substitute for obedience (see Bf – I Am Bringing Disaster on This People, Because They Have Rejected My Torah). Then, once again the invader from the north is presented. The chapter closes with more dialogue between God and Jeremiah in which the prophet is made a tester of metals so that he could observe and test the ways of the people. With the conclusion of the chapter we turn to the revelation of the broken covenant and the resulting judgment.

Chapter six is a review of what Jeremiah has said before.


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