The Contrast Between ADONAI and False Gods

9:23 to 10:25

Jehoahaz reigned only 3 months in 609 BC when Necho, Pharaoh of Egypt,
removed him (Second Kings 23:31-33; Second Chronicles 36:1-3).

In conjunction with the wickedness of the people (see Bo – The Ruin of People Who Turn Away); here, Jeremiah describes the contrast between YHVH, who is committed to chased, justice and righteousness, and false gods who seek control, strength and riches. Why would anyone choose to worship an idol made out of wood and silver when they could worship the One true God? But tragically, that’s exactly what the Jews did. Consequently, the Israelites would be sent into exile (see Gt – Seventy Years of Imperial Babylonian Rule). Ha’Shem was in control all the way. Yirmeyahu, however, was heartbroken.

Bt - Let Not the Wise Boast of Their Wisdom (9:23-26)

Bu – These gods will Perish From the Earth, But the LORD is the True God (10:1-16)

Bv – At This Time I Will Hurl Out Those Who Live in This Land (10:17-25)


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