The Sin and Judgment of Egypt

Ezekiel Chapters 29 to 32

It is clear that Jeremiah and Ezekiel prophesied against Egypt at different times:
Jeremiah in 604-601 BC
(see Dh – A Message Concerning Egypt), and Ezekiel in 587 BC.

Both prophecies, however, were fulfilled many years later in 571 BC when
king Nebuchadnezzar attacked Egypt and took massive amounts of plunder as his reward.

The prophecy against Egypt is exceedingly fierce and detailed because of her importance as a world power and her influence upon Isra’el, which was particularly evil. Egypt’s sin was twofold. First, her arrogance was notorious, and secondly, her role in the history of Isra’el was that of a deceiver. As a great power, Egypt succeeded in subjugating Isra’el politically and imposing an alliance on her that proved to be, in the words of Isaiah, a broken reed (Isaiah 29:6 KJV) and a calamity in Isra’el’s foreign relations. The alliance was constantly denounced by the prophets not only as a political delusion, but also as a factor in weakening Isra’el’s reliance on ADONAI. Therefore, that reed needed to be broken indeed. So in these chapters Ezeki’el raised a lament over the doomed Pharaoh, and in graphic language pictures his descent into sh’ol where he joins the company of other fallen tyrants.

In these chapters there are seven distinct prophecies against Egypt:

1. Fo – I'm Against You, Pharaoh, King of Egypt 29:1-16

2. Fp – A Lament Over Egypt 30:1-19

3. Fp – A Lament Over Egypt 30:20-26

4. Fq – Pharaoh as a Felled Cedar of Lebanon 31:1-18

5. Gq – I Am Going to Give Egypt to Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon 29:17-21

6. Gr - A Lament Over Pharaoh 32:1-16

7. Gr - A Lament Over Pharaoh 32:17-32


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