The Birth of King Messiah

One thing to notice about the birth and early life of Jesus is that all we can know is found only in Matthew and Luke. Not Mark or John. Only Mattityahu and Luke actually give us the story or the birth and early life of Christ. They tell the story, however, from two different viewpoints. Matthew tells us the story from Joseph’s point of view, while Luke tells the same story from Mary’s perspective. In Mattityahu, Yosef plays the active role while Miriam plays a passive role. Mattityahu records what Joseph is thinking, but not what Mary is thinking. It is recorded how angels came to Yosef, but not angels appearing to Mary. Conversely, Luke’s gospel tells the story from Miryam’s perspective. In the gospel of Luke Mary plays the active role while Yosef plays the passive role. It is recorded how angels appear to Mary, but none to Joseph. Luke reports what Mary is thinking, not what Joseph is thinking.37


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