The Training of the Twelve by King Messiah

This section covers the third Passover of His public ministry to the festival of Sukkot in 29AD. During this period Messiah ministers to the Gentiles on four different occasions (the Jews considered the Samaritans half-breeds and viewed them with utter contempt).

1. Bz – Jesus’ Acceptance in Samaria

2. Fg – Jesus Heals Two Demon Possessed Men

3. Ft – The Faith of a Canaanite Woman

4. Fu – Jesus Heals a Deaf Mute and Feeds Four Thousand

Jesus Christ was training His apostles for the mission they would accomplish in the book of Acts. These instructions were a direct result of His rejection by the Great Sanhedrin (see Eh – Jesus is Officially Rejected by the Sanhedrin). Yeshua knew His death was imminent and He now prepares those who will carry on after His death.


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