Instruction About the Kingdom of God

During the days after Messiah predicted His death (see Fy – Jesus Predicts His Death), the Lord went over and over that lesson with the apostles seeking to get them to grasp it. But they were ill-prepared to receive it and needed to be prepared for it. Prophecies of suffering, rejection and death had engulfed their minds and souls. The proclamation that Yeshua was the divine Meshiach had not been met with promises of glory from an imminent ushering in of the messianic Kingdom, but announcements of certain public rejection, and seemingly terrible defeat.867

How desperately they needed to see what Christ meant about His power and glory. Then the Master wisely took three of His inner-circle, Peter, James and John, who had been with Him in the home of Jairus when He called back the life of the little girl, and would be with Him at Gethsemane. If the talmidim had any doubt that Jesus would someday come to reign in glory, He gave them a foretaste of His future glory in the present.


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