Instruction Concerning Entrance into the Kingdom

Even though some three-and-a-half months had to transpire before Yeshua’s appointed time would come, He continued to minister and His central message was to repent, for the kingdom of God was near. There were four drastic changes after His rejection by the Sanhedrin on the grounds of demon possession (see En – Four Drastic Changes in Christ’s Ministry), and one change concerned His method of teaching. Before His rejection Christ taught the masses in language they could understand, but afterward,He would only teach in parables. Those of faith would be able to understand the spiritual truths of the parables, but those who rejected the Messiah would be blinded from the truth. During His Perean ministry He told many parables. The master Teacher also spoke about entering through the narrow door, about the need to be fully committed, to count the costs, and the need for faith as small as a mustard seed to enter the Kingdom. He healed lepers, restored sight to the blind, and raised the dead. Salvation came to the most unlikely of people, even to a diminutive tax collector named Zacchaeus.


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