The Prophecies of King Messiah

After a full day of testing, Jesus and the Twelve left Jerusalem and its Temple. They head back across the Kidron Valley, and were slowly climbing the Mount of Olives late in the afternoon. A sudden turn in the road and the Sacred Building was once more in full view. As the late afternoon sun poured its light on the roof of the Temple, the apostles looked at its grandeur and strength and were surprised at the gloomy picture that the Lord had just predicted (Mattityahu 23:37-39). This prompted them to ask Christ three questions, which He answered at length. But to get a complete picture, all three synoptic Gospels must be studied. Not one Gospel writer recorded everything Yeshua said that day because each one recorded, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the information most relevant to the theme of his own Gospel account. The order is chronological; if Messiah breaks the chronological order, He indicates it in some way.1318


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