The Religious Trial

The religious trial took place in several places and stages. It started at the personal residence of the high priest Caiaphas, moved next door to his father-in-law Annas, came back to Caiaphas’ house and finally moved to the meeting place of the Great Sanhedrin in the corner of the Royal Stoa (see My – The Royal Stoa) in the Temple Compound.

The reason Yeshua was put on trial by the Jewish leadership was because of His violation of the Oral Law (see Ei – The Oral Law), never the Torah. In the process of convicting Jesus, the Great Sanhedrin violated every one of their self-imposed rules.

This Passover was the biggest week of the year for Joseph Caiaphas. He had an extraordinary number of obligations and administrative tasks to tend to if the celebration of Pesach was to come off smoothly. Rome was always watching him closely through the eyes of Pontius Pilate, and a riot would not sit well with Caesar Tiberius.

Nothing mattered more than silencing the troublemaking Rabbi.1506


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