The Timeline for David’s Return to Ziklag,
and Hearing About Sha’ul’s Death

Day Six: On the third day an Amalekite arrived from Sha’ul’s camp and told David of Sha’ul’s death (see Bw – David Hears of Sha’ul’s Death), where David wrote a lament.

Day Five: David and his men stayed in Ziklag a second day and continue to mourn.

Day Four: David and his men wept and mourned in Ziklag.

Day Three: David reaches Ziklag and discovers the Amalekites had taken the Israelite women and children captive (see Bz – David Inquired of the LORD).

Day Two: David and his 600 men travel to Ziklag.

Day One: Achish sent David back to Ziklag (see Bt – Achish Sends David Back to Ziklag), saving him from having to attack the Philistines and guaranteeing Sha’ul death.

Day One: The Philistine army headed for Shunem to set up their war camp.

Day Two: The Philistine army reached Shunem and set up their war camp. Sha’ul saw their vast army and was terrified. He inquired of ADONAI, but YHVH refused to answer him; therefore, that night he went to see a witch to call Samuel up from the dead and tell him what to do (see Bu – Sha’ul and the Medium at Endor).

Day Three: The Philistine army attacked the Israelites on Mount Gilboa. Sha’ul was critically wounded by arrows and was afraid of being tortured by the Philistines so he fell on his own sword rather than being captured. Y’honatan, and two other sons of Sha’ul were also killed in the battle (see Bv – Sha’ul Takes His Own Life).

Day Four: While stripping the bodies of the slain Israelites, the Philistines discovered the body of Sha’ul. An Amalekite took Sha’ul’s crown and set out to tell David of his death.

Day Five: The Amalekite traveled a second day to Ziklag.

Day Six: On the third day, the Amalekite reached Ziklag and told a lie about how he assisted Sha’ul in his death, but because he supposedly lifted his hand against the LORD’s anointed, David had him executed (see Bw – David Hears of Sha’ul’s Death).


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