King David

Second Samuel 2:1 to 14:33
and First Chronicles 11:1 to 30:3

The death of Sha’ul was the signal for David’s departure from Ziklag and Philistine territory, but the best way to proceed was far from obvious. Sha’ul had left men of power over his army who were capable of asserting their authority, and who had the backing of those who had supported Sha’ul. In particular, they could count on the loyalty of Sha’ul’s tribe, Benjamin. The Philistines had their outposts as far north and east as Beit-She’an and had established their military hold over Isra’el, driving a wedge between the northern tribes and the central area of Ephraim and Benjamin. Isra’el’s territory east of the Jordan was more or less intact, but the general picture was one of division and doubt in the absence of one commanding figure to establish and unite the country. David was such a man.211


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