David’s Powerful Reign

Second Samuel 6:1 to 8:18

As the story of David’s accession to the kingship over Y’hudah (Second Samuel 1:1 to 3:5) parallels that of his accession to the throne of Y’sra’el (3:6 to 5:16), each concluding with a list of his sons (3:2-5 and 5:13-16), so the account of his powerful reign (5:17 to 8:18) parallels that of his court history, each concluding with a roster of his officials (8:15-18 and 20:23-26).

The narratives seen here is especially representative of those early chapters of Second Samuel that describe David and the blessing of ADONAI. A key verse in that regard, highlighting the blessing of the LORD on David and his reign, is Second Samuel 7:29, containing the final emphatic words of David’s prayer: So may it please You to bless the family of your servant and thereby cause it to continue forever in Your presence. For You, Adonai ELOHIM, have said it. May Your servant’s family be blessed forever by Your blessing.

A. David Defeats the Philistines (Second Samuel 5:17-25)

B. The Ark Brought to Yerushalayim (Second Samuel 6:1-23)

C. The LORD’s Covenant with David (Second Samuel 7:1-17)

B. David’s Prayer to ADONAI (Second Samuel 7:18-29)

A. David’s Victories (Second Samuel 8:15-18)


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