Ruth - Where life and the Bible meet - By Jay Mack

Ruth, Where Life and the Bible Meet

-- Table of Contents --

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web pdf   Title
Aa Aa   Ruth, Where Life and the Bible Meet . . .
Ab Ab   The Outline of the Book of Ruth
Ac Ac   Introduction to the Book of Ruth from a Jewish Perspective
Ad Ad   The Themes in Ruth
Ae Ae   The Duty of Levirate Marriage
Af Af   The Concept of Chesed
Ag Ag   The Meaning of El Shaddai
Ah Ah   The Book of Ruth and Shavu’ot
Ai Ai   Prologue: Na’omi’s Misery and Emptiness - ch 1 verses 1-5
Aj Aj   Scene One: Na’omi’s Return to Beit-Lechem - ch 1 verses 6-22
Ak Ak   Ruth’s Dedication - ch 1 verses 6-18
Al Al   We Will Go Back With You to Your People - ch 1 verses 6-10
Am Am   ADONAI’s Hand Has Turned Against Me - ch 1 verses 11-13
An An   Your People Will Be My People and Your God My God - ch 1 verses 14-18
Ao Ao   Don’t Call Me Na’omi, Call Me Marah - ch 1 verses 19-22
Ap Ap   Scene Two: Ruth Meets Bo’az in the Grain Field - ch 2 verses 1-23
Aq Aq   Ruth Gleans in the Field of Bo’az - ch 2 verses 1-3
Ar Ar   Bo’az and the Overseer - ch 2 verses 4-7
As As   Bo’az’s Grace and Ruth’s Gratitude - ch 2 verses 8-13
At At   Bo’az Provides for Ruth - ch 2 verses 14-17
Au Au   Na’omi Evaluates the Meeting - ch 2 verses 18-23
Av Av   Scene Three: Na’omi’s Wonderful Plan for Ruth’s Life - ch 3 verses 1-28
Aw Aw   Na’omi Discloses Her Plan For Ruth and Bo’az - ch 3 verses 1-5
Ax Ax   Ruth and Bo’az on the Threshing Floof - ch 3 verses 6-13
Ay Ay   Na’omi Evaluates the Encounter - ch 3 verses 14-18
Az Az   Scene Four: Bo’az Marries Ruth - ch 4 verses 1-12
Ba Ba   Bo’az Obtains the Right of Redemption - ch 4 verses 1-6
Bb Bb   Bo’az Redeems Ruth the Moabitess - ch 4 verses 7-12
Bc Bc   Epilogue: Na’omi’s Satisfaction and Fullness - ch 4 verses 13-17
Bd Bd   Coda: The Genealogy of David - ch 4 verses 18-22
Be Be   Glossary
Bf Bf   End Notes
Bg Bg   Bibliography


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