Moses in Midian

2: 16-25

    Moses lived in the land of Midian for the remainder of the reign of Thutmose III. The Midianites were primarily herdsmen, migrating with their livestock according to the seasons. They were also involved in international trade (Genesis 37:28).24 Their founder was Midian, a son of Keturah, wife of Abraham, who had been sent to the east away from Isaac (Genesis 25:2-6). They lived in the southeastern Sinai and northwestern Arabia on both sides of the Gulf of Aqaba.25 It goes without saying that the culture and lifestyle of Midian was drastically different than those of Egypt.

    The long years he would spend in the desert were not wasted years, but a time of maturity and reflection on the things of God (Acts 7:29). He needed the discipline of physical toil and the lessons this kind of occupation conveys. ADONAI was preparing Moses to be a leader of men, so for forty years he received experience by leading the flocks of the Midianite priest.26 He gained much knowledge of the Sinai area, which would later be useful as he would lead the nation of Isra'el in the wilderness.

    It seems that almost every great man of YHVH spends time in the desert preparing for his ministry. John the Baptist was a man of the desert eating locusts and wild honey. Rabbi Sha'ul was in Arabia for several years. Jesus spent time in the desert alone. So the LORD might prepare you for a ministry with a period of exile in some desert, and the thing that will interfere with your preparation is impatience.

    It is significant that Thutmose III reigned for forty years after Hatshepsut’s death, and Moses lived in Midian for exactly the same amount of time. It is only after the death of Thutmose III that Moses returned to Egypt.


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