The First Encounter with Pharaoh

5:1 to 6:27

    The first encounter between Pharaoh, Moses and Aaron was confrontational. The episode served to demonstrate Pharaoh’s true colors. He was playing at being god. Therefore, he persecuted the Hebrews still more and imposed even greater burdens upon them. The Hebrew prophets were certainly surprised by such a turn of events. They were rather confident that the king of Egypt would let the people go because the LORD had commanded it. They were disappointed indeed.

    But YHVH was at work. He was in the process of hardening Pharaoh’s heart so that the king would not release the Israelites. The reason was very clear. It was so the LORD would then bring judgments upon Egypt and miraculously bring His people out of that wicked land. And, in that manner, ADONAI would be highly glorified.76


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