The Egyptian Passover

12: 1-29

    The rabbis named the first Passover, the Egyptian Passover, and it marked the beginning of the birth of Isra'el as a nation. We learn from Leviticus 23 that the Passover would become the first in a cycle of seven feasts. It is mentioned over fifty times in the TaNaKh and thirty-seven times in the New Covenant. This tells us something about the significance of this festival to the nation of Isra'el.

    In the celebration of the Egyptian Passover, rather than focusing on the confrontations of Moses with the king of Egypt, the story now shifts to Moses and the people of Isra'el. This passage has two sections. First, Christ and the Passover (12:1-20), and secondly, He Will See the Blood and Pass Over that Doorway (12:21-28).


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