Preparation of the Israelites for Mount Sinai

17:1 to 18:27

    After leaving Dophkah the people of Isra'el eventually reached their fourth important stop at Rephidim, but found no water. God was preparing them for their encounter with Him at Mount Sinai. One would have thought that after seeing the LORD’s power over water at the Sea of Reeds and at Marah, and His abundant supply at Elim, that the Israelites would have learned to trust Him for water anywhere. But they seemed incapable of faith and met their new trial by quarreling.

    Three important events happened at Rephidim. The first was the rock that was struck. The second was the defeat of the Amalekites, led by Joshua. And the third was Moses’ encounter with his father-in-law Jethro and his advice in helping him with his tremendous task of counseling. All this was in preparation for Mount Sinai.


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