Jethro Returned To His Own Country

18: 27

    Then Moses sent his father-in-law on his way with great honors, and he returned to his own country a very content new man. Because of his old age, Jethro did not accompany the Israelites to Canaan, but his children and their descendants did (Judges 1:16, 18:30; First Chronicles 23:15-17, 26:24-25).

    Jethro and Moses parted company as they had done earlier in 4:19-20, but now for the last time. Presumably Moses’ family remained behind, although Zipporah is not mentioned again. It is interesting that in Numbers 12:1, Moses had married a Cushite woman. This may have been a second wife in addition to Zipporah, or a wife after her death. We just don’t know. But one thing we do know; Jethro returned to his own country alone.


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