Revelation at Mount Sinai

19:1 to 40:38

    We have now come to the fourth and last of the major sections of the book of Exodus. It contains twenty-two of the forty chapters in the book, and it is longer than the first three sections put together. Although some of it is repetitive (35:4 to 38:20, and 39:1-31, for example, it repeats earlier sections of the book, sometimes almost word for word), it contains vital teaching about God’s blueprint for living as seen in the Ten Commandments, and about Christ as seen in the Tabernacle.

    The Israelites arrived at Mount Sinai where they remained throughout the rest of the events recorded in Exodus 19:1 to Numbers 10:10. They camped in front of Mount Sinai for eleven months and six days, from the fifteenth day of the third month of their first year of traveling, to the twentieth day of the second month of the second year of traveling (Numbers 10:11). There Moses received the Torah from ADONAI with its many instructions for worship for the people that He had redeemed.340


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