The Ratification of the Sinai Covenant

24: 1-18

    In the sense of direct revelation, this was a high point for the people of Isra'el. In the 1,500 years of their subsequent history it has never been matched. Yet, in the midst of the forty days and forty nights, they managed to rebel and build themselves a golden calf. However, the experience that was available to them only through their leaders, is now directly available to you and I forever. That is what the Tabernacle is all about, the word became flesh and lived for a while, or tabernacled, among us (John 1:14).

    The actual ritual that finalized the covenant between ADONAI and Isra'el is highlighted by the literary structure in verses 1 through 11, where the first letter is parallel to the second letter, and so on, with the letter D being the turning point.

A     Moses and the elders instructed to ascend and worship (verses 1-2)

       B Everything God has said we will do (verse 3)

            C Moses wrote down everything God had said (verse 4a)

                  D Sacrifices and blood ceremony (verses 4b-6)

            C The words of the Book of the Covenant read by Moses (verse 7a)

       B We will do everything God has said; we will obey (verses 7b-8)

A     Moses and the elders ascend and worship (verses 9-11)456


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