The Courtyard and Gate of the Tabernacle

26:1-37; 27:9-19; 36:8-38 and 38:1-20

    The Sanctuary was a tent like structure surrounded by a courtyard. As in the later Temples of Solomon and Zerubabel, as well as the Tabernacle itself, the gate to the courtyard was on the east (27:13-15). Curtains five cubits high (27:18), surrounded the entire courtyard, effectively shielding its activities from unauthorized public view.511 Two of the seven pieces of furniture for the Tabernacle, the bronze altar and the bronze basin, were found inside the courtyard.

    The camp of Isra'el surrounding the Tabernacle consisted of tents made of black goat’s hair. Solomon spoke of his beloved as being dark like the tents of Kedar (Song of Songs 1:5). So the black tents of the tribes of Isra'el stood out in stark contrast with the white linen of the Tabernacle.

    It is clear that the gate is a type of Christ, which is the only way to ADONAI. And we shall see that the white linen hanging in the courtyard of the Tabernacle portrayed the righteous demands of a holy God, who Himself bore the penalty of sin, even Christ, our righteousness. Bronze speaks to us of judgment, and silver points to redemption. He judged our sins at His cross, redeeming us with His own precious blood. May we let the Holy Spirit show us today some of these precious truths concerning our Savior and His great salvation in the Tabernacle.512

The Courtyard and Gate of the Tabernacle layout


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