The Sanctuary of the Tabernacle

Chapter 25, 26, 30, 36, 37 and Leviticus 24:2-9

    In our journey through the Tabernacle, we have come from the camp of Israel, in through the gate, past the bronze altar and bronze basin, and now, we come to the Sanctuary that contained the Shechinah glory, the very presence of God. The Sanctuary was covered with four successive sets of curtains made of four progressively stronger materials from the inside out: linen (26:1-6), goat hair (26:7-13), ram skins (26:14) and the hides of sea cows (26:14). One standing in the courtyard could see only the outer covering of the hides of sea cows; however, the priests on the inside of the Sanctuary could see only the beautiful curtains of finely twisted linen with figures of cherubim embroidered on it in blue, purple and scarlet.


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