The Renewal of the Nation of Isra'el

32:1 to 34:35 and 39:32 to 40:48

    The second half of the book of Exodus is made up of three sections. To make things easier to understand, we have arranged the material thematically. First, we dealt with the Tabernacle (25:1 to 27:21, 30:1 to 31:18 and finally 35:1 to 38:31). Then, we studied the Priesthood (28:1 to 29:46 and 39:1-3). Finally, we will learn about Israel’s first major violation (there is much more to come, just read the Prophets) of God’s covenant at Mount Sinai and about what happened as a result (32:1 to 34:35). The book of Exodus then ends with a majestic description of how the finished Tabernacle was dedicated (39:32 to 40:38). Since both the golden calf incident and the dedication of the Tabernacle fall under the general heading of the Renewal, we have grouped them together to form the final part of this devotional commentary. We hope the way we organized the book has been helpful to you.


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