The Creation of the World

1:1 to 2:3

The account of Creation is the logical starting point for Genesis, for it explains the beginning of the universe. In writing this book for Isra'el, Moses wanted to picture ADONAI as the founder and creator of all life. It shows that the God who created Isra'el is the God who created the world and all who are in it. Therefore, Isra'el is founded on the LORD of Creation. That nation, her commandments, her customs, and beliefs are all founded on who YHVH is. The implications of this are great.

First, it means that everything that exists is under the LORD’s control. The creation is subject to the Creator. Neither forces of nature, threatening nations, nor pagan deities could threaten the servants of the living God.

Secondly, the creation account also reveals the basis for the Torah. If God was before all things and made all things, how foolish it would be to have any other gods before Him! There were none. If ADONAI made man in His own image, how foolish it would be to make any image of God! If the LORD set aside one day for rest from His work, should not man or a woman who is walking with Ha'Shem do the same? The Torah finds its logical beginning here.

Thirdly, the creation account reveals that ADONAI is a redeeming LORD who buys back that which has been lost. It records how He brought order out of chaos, turned darkness into light, made divisions between them, transformed cursing into blessing, and moved what was evil and darkness into what was righteous and holy. Ultimately God caused His light to shine in our hearts (Second Corinthians 4:6) so that we can become new creations (Second Corinthians 5:17).4

This is the first of eleven family documents. It is not headed by the words this is a written account of, and for good reason. Being the beginning, there is no need to trace what became of Creation. Rather, its own heading in 1:1, B’resheet or in the beginning shows the contents of the chapter. The name for God in this section, Elohim, is actually plural, pointing us to the realization that the Trinity was actively involved in the creation.


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