Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

2: 5-25

The great principle of revelation occurs for the first time in this chapter, but it will be found again and again in the Word of God. It is one of the fingerprints of inspiration. It is the law of recurrence. In other words, the Spirit of God, in giving the Word of God, has a practice of stating briefly a series of great facts and truths; then He will come back and describe it in greater detail. And here He is going to go into greater detail about the sixth day of creation, especially about the creation of Adam and Eve. It does not contradict the account in Chapter One, but is complementary to it. The same principle is seen in the book of Deuteronomy, which is the interpretation of the Torah after forty years of experience in the wilderness. It is not just a repetition of the Torah, but rather an interpretation of it. Likewise, we are given not only one Gospel, but four. Again and again, this law of recurrence is seen throughout the Word of God.42

As we read the Bible, it is easy to see that real life is depicted in the people and stories that are presented. Nothing is sanitized or sugarcoated. The pages are full of both joy and pain, truthfulness and lying, faith and unbelief. And sin, always sin. Unyielding, relentless sin. Therein are the Bible’s contents, but for one chapter, in which we get a quick snapshot of what life was like before sin stained the world. There are not a lot of details here, and we don’t know how long this dispensation of innocence lasted. However, I am sure for what seemed like one brief moment, there was once a perfect spot called the garden of Eden.


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