The Flood Waters Receded and the Ark Came to Rest on Mount Ararat

8: 1-14

ADONAI had protected Noah and his family from judgment so cataclysmic that all life on earth outside the ark had been destroyed. For forty days, torrential rains beat down and the ark floated on the raising floodwaters. Day after day Noah waited. The LORD had shut him in the ark for his own safety. But for how long? And when he could finally leave the ark, what would he find?

Well, God remembered Noah and led his family and him into a fresh start. Gradually, the floodwaters subsided, and after one year and seventeen days in the ark, Noah led his family and the animals out of the ark onto dry ground. The Flood had not destroyed the world, but it was radically changed. It was truly a fresh start, starting with Noah’s worship and with Elohim communicating to Noah a covenant that is still with us today.146


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