Abram Goes to War with the Kings of the East

14: 1-24

After separating from Lot, Abram apparently lived quietly in Mamre for several years. Canaan and all the lands through Syria and Sinai were at peace. But that peace was suddenly broken when a northeastern confederation of kings swept through Canaan devastating everything in their path. Abram was caught up in this war and, humanly speaking, could have easily been killed and left ADONAI’s promise unfulfilled. But the LORD is a promise keeper. He had said: I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you, I will curse (12:3a). What we see here is the working out of God’s promise to bless all the peoples on earth through him (12:3b). In addition, rather than panic and show a lack of faith as he did in Egypt, this time Abram demonstrates great faith and gains a great victory. A life free from suffering would be a life in which faith in ADONAI would be a mere frill. A human life, on the other hand, is one in which faith is a necessity. Only a fool tries to do without it.246


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