Then Abraham Returned to Beersheba

22: 19

After their mountaintop experience, Abraham and Isaac returned to the servants, as he had promised. What a contrast between the journey to Mount Moriah and the return home again! Abraham had proved that ADONAI was faithful, and having accepted and fulfilled the LORD’s will, he was filled with peace and unspeakable joy.369 They all set off together for Beersheba. And Avraham stayed in Beersheba (22:19). After an extended time there, he and Sarah returned to the great trees of Mamre near Hebron to live out their days (14:13, 18:1).

There is no doubt that Avraham and Isaac came down the mountain, were reunited with the two servants and went home again. But it is interesting that Isaac is not mentioned here. This verse reads: Abraham returned to his servants. Where is Isaac? Because Isaac is a type of Christ, He is in heaven and absent from the earth. But here in Genesis, the name of Isaac is absent from the time that he is offered on Mount Moriah until he is united with his bride at the Well of the Living Water in 24:62.


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