Jacob Meets Esau

32:1 to 33:17

Jacob’s two greatest adversaries were Esau and Laban. As he entered the Promised Land, he was leaving one and meeting the other. Jacob’s mother Rebekah had told him that she would send for him as soon as Esau had cooled off (27:44). Knowing what a hothead Esau was, she assumed his anger would quickly pass away and Ya’akov could soon return. But Jacob had not heard from her during his long twenty years in Haran. Therefore, either his mother was ill or dead and unable to call him back home, or Esau still wanted to kill him. In addition, Jacob did not know about the state of his father’s health, although he had heard he might still be alive in the land of Canaan (31:18). So he knew he was facing a very uncertain, and possibly dangerous, reception when he returned.500


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