Joseph in Prison

39:19 to 40:23

This was no accident. But Joseph seems as though he is in a hopeless dilemma. He is not only a slave, but also a slave who has been falsely accused. Potiphar was going to bury him in prison to cover up the scandal in his own household. Joseph’s one ray of hope was that the cupbearer would remember him to Pharaoh. But the cupbearer was so elated with going back to work that he forgot all about poor Yosef.

In spite of the discouragement, however, Yosef believed that El Shaddai was with him (49:24), and there were fruits of faith that were there for all to see. He was faithful in every relationship in his life. He was faithful to his father. He was faithful to Potiphar. In prison, he was faithful to the warden. Later on we will see he was faithful to Pharaoh and his own brothers who had sold him into slavery in the first place. And he was always faithful to the LORD, giving Him the glory.603

But while it seemed like Joseph was forgotten in prison, ADONAI had not forgotten him. Yosef waited for the exact moment that God needed him, and Yosef was ready.


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