Joseph Before Pharaoh

1: 1-57

After thirteen years of waiting, Joseph was suddenly released and brought to stand before Pharaoh himself. But as powerful as the king of Egypt was, this chapter is really about the sovereign work of the LORD in the lives of those who serve Him. It was ADONAI who disturbed Pharaoh in his dreams and jostled the memory of the cupbearer, so that he remembered the Hebrew slave who interpreted his dream, and God is in charge of history, so He can grant dreams that tell future events and inspire servants to rightly interpret those dreams. So the narrative is a story about Yosef, Pharaoh, the cup-bearer, and others, but above all, it is a story about the LORD, the great mover and shaper of history, and about ADONAI’s pleasure in using a single servant who is willing to submit his life to His control.631


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