Jacob Moves His Family to Egypt

46:1 to 47:12

Joseph is the link between the children of Isra’el and the nation of Isra’el. The conclusion of the Yosef narrative now begins to intersect with the conclusion of the Jacob story, and ultimately with the conclusion of the patriarchal narratives in general. The rest of Genesis brings together issues that relate to the past and future of the patriarchal family. These two chapters bring closure to the past by relating the move of the family to Egypt and their settlement in the land of Goshen.698

This starts the length of time that the Israelite people lived in Egypt. All totaled, the Bible tells us that they lived there 430 years to the very day (Exodus 12:40).

● From the descent of Ya’akov into Egypt to the death of Yosef, there were 71 years.

● From the death of Joseph to the birth of Moses, there were 278 years.

● From the birth of Moses to his flight into Midian, there were 40 years.

● From the flight of Moses to Midian to his return into Egypt, there were 40 years.

● From the return of Moses into Egypt to the exodus, there was 1 year.


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