The Book of Immanuel

7:1 to 12:6

    The Book of Immanuel comprises the fifth major segment of the prophecy. This book is called the Book of Immanuel because the name Immanuel comes up three times. Here, the prophet focuses on the deliverance God would bring the nation. Judah’s deliverance from the Syria-Isra'el alliance (7:1-4) pictures her ultimate deliverance. And the fall of the Assyrian Empire (10:5-19), resulting in deliverance for Y'hudah, pictures the fall of all nations who oppose God and His people. Isaiah did not say that these deliverances would bring about a glorious earthly Kingdom. But he did indicate that the glorious Kingdom, the millennial or messianic Kingdom, eventually would come (Chapter 11). It will be greater then any previous earthly kingdom. In the messianic Kingdom the holy seed (6:13), the believing remnant (10:20-21), will sing a song of thanksgiving (Chapter 12).23

    In Chapters 7 to 12 the questions posed are these: Is YHVH sovereign over all the nations? Can God deliver Isra'el from Assyria? Can He be trusted, or is He just one more god, added to all the others?


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