The Oracle Concerning

Damascus (Syria) and Samaria (Isra'el)

17: 1-14

    REFLECT: In this section, God is described as their Maker, the Holy One, your Savior, and the Rock, your fortress. Which of these aspects do you tend to forget sometimes? What leads you to do so? Instead, what do you find yourself trusting in? What practices can help you “remember” the LORD and live out your life accordingly?

    After dealing with Judah’s two southern neighbors, Philistia and Moab, Isaiah now turns to address the two on the north – Syria and Isra'el. Although the oracle was directed to Damascus, the capital of Syria, the main focus after 17:3a is upon Samaria and the northern kingdom of Isra'el. In the Book of Immanuel we are told that Isra'el had allied with Syria (7:2) against the Assyrian threat. Isaiah had, of course, prophesied against this. Here again, Isaiah stresses that failure to trust God will result in their failure to achieve their worldly alliance. ADONAI is in control of the nations and He will not permit them to obliterate His people. Despite their worldly power, He is their Master.


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