The Little Apocalypse of Isaiah

24:1 to 27:13

    DIG: Which of the prophecies in these chapters, which are of global scope, have yet to be fulfilled? What relationship do these four chapters have to the book of Revelation?

    The word apocalypse is the Greek name for the book of Revelation. Because much of what is found in the Revelation is found in these four chapters, it is named The Little Apocalypse of Isaiah. It describes the earth’s devastation and people’s intense suffering during the coming Tribulation and the blessings to follow in the Messianic Kingdom. Like a finale, these chapters can be read by themselves, but their greatest contribution is within the context of the whole book of Isaiah.

    In addition to the content, the very structure of these four chapters is also the structure of the book of Revelation. Another way of saying that is that the book of Revelation is an expansion of these four chapters in the book of Isaiah. They are divided into four segments: first, The Great Tribulation in Chapter 24; secondly, The Song of Praise in Chapter 25; thirdly, The Song of Salvation in Chapter 26: 1-19; and fourthly, The Redemption of Israel in Chapter 26:20 to 27:13. The overriding theme of the segment is the triumph of God, not only over His enemies but also for His people.

    In Chapters 13 to 35 Isaiah sought to answer these questions: Can God deliver Israel from those who would harm her? Can He be trusted? Or is He just one more god added to all the others? But here in the Little Apocalypse of Isaiah, the question that is specifically answered is this, “Does God merely react to the nations, or is He sovereign over all the world?”


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