The Song of Praise

25: 1-12

    This chapter puts the choices that face the human race very simply. No matter what we have done to one another, if we turn to God in trust, there is hope for us. Death, the last enemy, has been conquered. But those who refuse the offer of the Lamb, namely Yeshua Messiah, will go down to a worse fate than death, namely, the second death (see my commentary on Revelation Fp – The Second Death: The Lake of Fire). ADONAI offers deliverance from death to all, but those who refuse His offer will find an eternity of torment.

    But judgment and destruction are never God’s intended last words. Rather, His plan is that those harsh words will pave the way for joy, hope, and redemption. This is the case here. From the silence of the shattered city of Babylon (see my commentary on Revelation Er – Babylon Will Never Be Found Again) we move to the joy of a feast where the host is the LORD.

    Chapter 25 develops a response to the announcement of the destruction of Satan’s capital city of Babylon. This is a psalm that praises the LORD’s deliverance of His people. After God puts an end to wickedness during the Great Tribulation, His glorious Messianic Kingdom will begin. This poetry is written in three parts. First, Fa – You Have Been a Refuge for the Poor and the Needy, is praise for the deliverance of His people. Secondly, Fb – The LORD Will Provide a Feast of Rich Food for All Peoples, is praise for millennial blessings. Thirdly, in Fc – Surely This Is Our God; We Trusted In Him, is praise for judgment on Israel’s enemies.


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