That Her Warfare Has Been Completed

40:12 to 48:22

    These chapters particularly address the questions concerning the LORD’s ability and desire to deliver His people in light of the Babylonian captivity. Would the exile prove that God had abandoned His people? Would it mean that He was unable to defend His people from the pagan nations surrounding them? Would it mean that He had been defeated by His people’s destructive sinfulness? No! Not only would it not prove that the LORD had abandoned His people, the exile would give ADONAI an even greater opportunity to display His sovereignty and trustworthiness.

    Remember the main points that are going to be brought out in these nine chapters. First, it is written within the light of the Babylonian captivity. Secondly, there is going to be a contrast between God and idols. Thirdly, there is going to be a contrast between Isra'el and the Gentiles. Fourthly, there will be a message of deliverance, both from the near historical Babylon and the far eschatological Babylon. And finally, the LORD is going to emphasize the final overthrow of Babylonian idolatry.


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