That Her Sin Had Been Pardoned

49:1 to 57:21

    Chapter 40, verses 1 through 11 are the prologue, where Isaiah sets the stage for the seventh and final segment of his book. He said: Comfort, comfort My people, says your God. This segment is comforting because it describes the final redemption and restoration of Israel. And in Chapter 40 verse 2 he gave us an outline for a three-fold message in the rest of the book. The first was that her warfare had been completed from Chapters 40 to 48. With this chapter we are starting the second of the three-fold message, which is, that her sin had been pardoned in Chapters 49 to 57.

    Here Isaiah is no longer dealing with near historical prophecy primarily (except for a brief segment from 56:9 to 57:21), but far eschatological prophecy. Cyrus will not be mentioned again. Now he is dealing with the final salvation and restoration of Israel; in the course of which, he is going to give us the key means by which the sin will be pardoned and that is by the death of the Suffering Servant, especially in Isaiah 49, 50 and 53. Here he deals primarily, but not exclusively, with the Suffering Servant, through whom Israel’s sin will be pardoned.


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