The Redemption of Jerusalem and Isra'el

62:1 to 63:6

    Chapter 62 continues the thoughts of Chapters 60 and 61, particularly 61:10-11. The themes of light, revelation of ADONAI’s righteousness and salvation to the nations, the joy of marriage, relief from oppression, and restoration of the land are all prominent. The chapter seems to be particularly concerned with the question raised in 61:11. How sure can one be that these glorious promises will actually come true? Chapter 60, in particular, represents the redemption of Jerusalem as an accomplished fact. But that was still in the future from the hearers’ point of view. Will it really happen? Yes, and not only will Jerusalem be redeemed, but so will her people Israel be redeemed. To be sure, the enemies of the LORD must be destroyed if the people of God are to know His blessing.247

    It is not unusual for Isaiah to alternate between different time periods. Normally he alternates between near historical and far eschatological prophecies. But here, Isaiah alternates between two far eschatological prophecies and a prophecy about the Suffering Servant. The way you can distinguish between the two is the context.

    Far Eschatological Prophecy (58:1 to 60:1-22)

        The Suffering Servant (61:1-11)

   Far Eschatological Prophecy (62:1 to 66:24)


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