The Fourth Beast: The Balance of Power Stage

Dani'el 2: 41

   DIG: How and when was the Roman Empire divided? When the east-west balance of power stage eventually collapses, what will it give way to? Why?

    The second stage of the Empire of Imperialism was the East-West Balance of Power Stage. The Roman Empire stage began in 63 BC and continued until AD 364, when Emperor Valentinian divided it into an east-west balance of power. The capital of the eastern Roman Empire was Constantinople until 1453. The Turks then destroyed it. But the political leaders, scribes and scholars of the eastern Roman Empire simply fled northward into Russia. They infiltrated the Russian government and Romanized it. The Russian kings then took on the new title of Czar, which is the Russian word for Cesar. After a while, Russia gave herself the official title of the Third Roman Empire. With the fall of Communist Soviet Russia, today the eastern balance of power is in flux.

    The western balance of power shifted more frequently. It remained in Rome until AD 179, when, after being sacked, it shifted to the Franks under Charlemagne in AD 800. They officially called themselves the Holy Roman Empire under the Frankish nation. Later it shifted to Germany under Otto I, in AD 962. At that point the German kings changed their names to Kaiser, the German word for Cesar. They were officially known as the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation. Since then, especially after World War II, the western balance of power has been centered in the democratic nations of the west.

    Eventually, this east-west balance of power will collapse and give way to the one world government stage. This will probably happen in Ezeki'el, Chapters 38-39 because Russia will invade Isra'el and God will so deal with the Russians that they will cease being a political force in world affairs. Ezeki'el says that not only will the Russian armies be destroyed in Isra'el, but Russia itself will be destroyed. I believe that this will happen before the Great Tribulation ever starts because it will require seven months of burying the dead (see Bq - For Seven Months the house of Israel Will Bury Them in Order to Cleanse the Land). That will lend itself to a One World Government.38

    Therefore, in AD 364 the east-west balance of power began and continues to the present day. The centers of the balance of power may shift again, but it will remain essentially an east-west balance until it gives way to the third stage. Just as you saw that the feet and toes were partly of baked clay and partly of iron, so this kingdom will be strong and partly brittle (Dani'el 2:41). Consequently, in this east-west balance of power stage, they still had some of the strength of iron in them.


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