The Fourth Beast: The One World Government Stage

Dani'el 7: 23b and c

   DIG: Is this one world government Rome? Why or why not? How similar or dissimilar will it be to the dream of Nazi Germany? How do you think it will crush and trample the whole earth?

    The next three stages of the Empire of Imperialism are all in the future. Eventually, the east-west balance of power collapsed. Once this happens, it will usher in a one world government stage, probably before the Great Tribulation starts.

    This kingdom will be different from all the other kingdoms because it will devour the whole earth (Dani'el 7:23b). The whole earth is the same term used of The Flood during the time of Noah (Genesis 8:9, 9:19, 11:1; Isaiah 6:3, 14:26, 28:22, 54:5; Jeremiah 15:10; Daniel 2:39; Zechariah 4:10-14). Rome never devoured the whole earth. In fact, Rome did not even conquer as much of the whole earth as the Greek Empire, which extended its boundaries as far as the Indus River in India. Nor did Rome fully conquer the Parthian Empire, and that, too, was part of the whole earth. Scotland was part of the whole earth that Rome did not conquer. In AD 117, the Roman Emperor Hadrian ordered a wall built, 73 miles long, “to separate the Romans from the Barbarians.” However, northern Scotland, where the Barbarians lived, was part of the known world. So Rome conquered neither the whole earth nor the whole known world.

    But the Empire of Imperialism does eventually conquer the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it (Dani'el 7:23c). The pictures a one world government stage, and until you have a one world government, the ten kingdoms stage cannot exist. So it us useless to try to find the ten kingdoms in the European Union. Today there are 27 EU members. It is important to remember that Bible prophecy is never fulfilled generally; it is always fulfilled specifically. And much of what passes for “fulfillment” today in many Bible prophecy books is based upon one point of similarity. Bible prophecy is not fulfilled that way. It is fulfilled completely, or it isn’t fulfilled at all. This stage is still future.


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