You Will Advance Against My People Isra'el

Like a Cloud that Covers the Earth

Ezeki'el 38: 14-16

   DIG: Is Isra'el really living in safety? Who is really behind the attack? What is the ultimate goal of Adonai ELOHIM? How does His goal differ from Gog's goal?

    Here the invasion is seen as having already begun, and further answers the question as to why, but this time it is seen from God’s point of view.

    The initial invasion against Isra'el begins and the alliance covers the land like a cloud. As a result, Russia will initially be successful. But without knowing it, Adonai ELOHIM will put hooks in the jaws of the invading force and reel them in to destruction (Ezeki'el 38:4) so that He might be glorified in the eyes of the Gentile nations. This is not a set-up, however. God does not force innocent people into rebellion. He allows them to be destroyed by their own sin.

    Nowhere in the Bible can it be found that the LORD places in the heart of mankind any evil purpose. He is the Promoter of good and never evil. The TaNaKh always presents Him as ruler of all. Thus it is stated the He will bring the alliance against His own Land. They will be destroyed because of the wickedness that already existed in their own hearts. Adonai ELOHIM will merely use it for His own glory. It is like the heart of Thutmose III, Pharaoh at the time of the exodus. God did not implant pride and stubbornness into the heart of the Egyptian king, but He used the wickedness of Pharaoh’s own heart to glorify Himself and redeem His people. Just as circumstances lay bare the evil of mankind, so the same conditions reveal the holiness of the LORD.

    God Himself speaks to Gog, the leader of the alliance. Therefore, son of man, or Ezekiel, prophesy to Gog and say to him: This is what Adonai ELOHIM says. The phrase son of man introduces a new section. It is important to remember the emphatic repetition of the fact that Isra'el will be living in imagined security. In that day, when My people Israel are living in safety, will you not take notice of it (Ezeki'el 38:14)? Also, do not fail to notice the phrase My people, here and in verse 16, and the phrase My Land in verse 16. The godless alliance will have little understanding how involved the King of kings is in all that concerns His people and His Land. The godless have been, are, and always will be unaware of it. But that will all change when the LORD finally decides to intervene decisively into world affairs to save His people Isra'el.134

    Once again, Ezekiel is unfamiliar with modern warfare and describes the invading force with the only words he knows how to use. You will come from your place in the far north, you and many nations with you, all of them riding on horses, a great horde, a mighty army (Ezeki'el 38:15).

    You will advance against My people Isra'el like a cloud that covers the land. That is the purpose of the massive invasion. In days to come, O Gog, I will bring you against My Land, so that the Gentile nations may know Me when I show Myself holy through you before their eyes (Ezeki'el 38:16). Adonai ELOHIM will be shown to be holy, or set apart, by His actions against Gog and the alliance. Therefore, while Gog will have his purpose, to plunder and loot, YHVH will have His purpose, to show Himself holy among the Gentile nations.


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