I Will Make Known My Holy Name

Among My People Isra'el

Ezeki'el 39: 7-8

   DIG: What will the LORD accomplish through this battle? In what way will the people of Isra'el know God? What will the Gentile nations know about Him?

    As a result of the coming invasion, the LORD will make known His holy name among His people Isra'el. He is not just saying that they will know that He is ADONAI, it would be more than that. This is stronger language than was used before. Before it was merely head knowledge, here it is salvation knowledge. The destruction of the invaders will cause a revival among the people of Isra'el. The emphatic statement here is My people Isra'el because at that time they become God’s people in spirit as well as position. But the other side of the same coin is that YHVH will no longer allow His holy name to be profaned. This has been a common problem in the past for Isra'el. Indeed Isra'el is a secular society today, and does not seek Him as a nation.

    The Gentile nations will also know that He is ADONAI, the Holy One in Isra'el. It is coming! In other words, the time for the prophecy to arrive will eventually come. Although from a human point of view, it is taking a long time (Second Peter 3:9). But God’s promises will be kept to the very letter of that promise. It will surely take place, declares the ADONAI ELOHIM. This is the day I have spoken of. Therefore, in Ezeki'el 39:1-9 we have been given a summary of the invasion and destruction of the alliance. While some of the information was old and part of it was new, there is more new information to come.


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